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Electronic payments bank information:

VAT Nr.:  BE 0456.971.057

I. Meyskensstraat n° 224 – blok 1
1780 Wemmel – BELGIUM

FORTIS: 230-0994355-28
IBAN: BE37 2300 9943 5528

General sales conditions

Offers : Unless otherwise stipulated, our offers are valid for one month. No order binds Carta+ prior to written confirmation of its handling by an authorised person.

Prices : Our prices are understood FOB our stores, warehouses, or workshops, and do not include expenses and taxes. They may be altered at any time without prior notice. Unless otherwise stipulated, they buyer shall bear transport or shipping expenses. Moreover, any invoice for less than EUR 25 will be increased by a fixed amount of EUR 15 for administrative expenses.

Delivery : Delivery is made on our premises. When our company delivers the object of the order to the buyer’s domicile, it does so through its good offices and at the buyer’s risk. Delivery timeframes are only confirmed on an indicative basis and are not binding. If, as a result of an act of God or force majeure the company cannot execute its obligations, it shall automatically be released therefrom.

Approval : The buyer is required to approve the merchandise from our premises. However, the buyer shall have an exceptional period of eight days to make any claims. For software furnished by Carta+, the buyer shall have an exceptional period of two months to make any claims. Even if Carta+ agrees to replace a defective delivery or even if the agreement is announced by a Court, Carta+’s liability would be limited to replacing the defective merchandise, and the buyer could not claim other damages, even in the case of a hidden defect.

Ownership : The merchandise remains the seller’s property until the entire price has been paid. Proposals and studies submitted in support of our offers remain our property, cannot be communicated to third parties, and must be returned to us upon request. Any software developed by Carta+ shall remain its property. The buyer only receives the right to use the programs and as a result, cannot resell them or assign them in any other manner to third parties without Carta+’s prior written consent.

Warrantee : The right to the warrantee applies only if the buyer has complied with the payment conditions and has a maintenance contract with our firm for hardware that requires preventive maintenance. The warrantee period is specified in our offers based on the hardware.

Payment : Payments are made to the company’s registered office in Overijse. Except in the case of written exceptions accepted by us, our payment conditions are understood as follows: down payment at the time of the order, with the balance in cash, without discount, at the time of delivery. Amounts not received on a timely basis shall incur interest of 1.5% per month, without the need for any notice to remedy.
Should the buyer fail to make payment within one month of a payment date, the amount of the invoices shall be increased by 15% of the amounts that have not been paid, with a minimum of EUR 25 as damages, without any need to send notice to remedy.

Jurisdiction : Only the Courts of Brussels shall be competent to resolve any disputes that arise from the sales that we invoice.

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