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Carta+ supplies top quality laminated PVC cards.

All types of PVC cards can be supplied, with or without magnetic strip, with a chip, with signature panel, hologramme, UV print, etc…

The strength of Carta+ lies in processing and handling these cards: the Carta+ service bureau, whether that handling is done automatically or manually.

Carta+ personalizes PVC cards with information:

  • Thermal printing of cards: in one colour or full colour, with letters, signs, illustrations, barcodes or even with photos.
  • Printing cards in relief (embossing).
  • Encoding the magnetic strip(s) with the necessary information.
  • Automatic and careful quality checks on the encoding.
  • Initialising and charging the integrated chip with information.

ID Solutions

In addition to the Cards department, Carta+ has another Plus: the Barcode department.

This division of Carta+ specialises in anything to do with barcodes (label printers, barcode scanners, terminals, …), Up-to-date know-how on barcode technology and 2- Dimensional Quick Response Code.

Supplies of:

  • card-scaning
  • specialised printers
  • scanners
  • terminals
  • interfaces and software
  • after-sales service for the products supplied.
  • the provision of services for printing barcodes on labels or other media by the Bureau-Service.
Carta+ management team

PVC cards are now a permanent feature of our daily lives.

Carteplus / Pluskaart Delhaize, there are many different applications for them.

We are all familiar with customer cards, loyalty systems, price-reduction cards, etc. PVC cards are used to identify and recognise customers. Or even other information, like storing points already saved. Each one of us has at least one card in our pocket for making payments with. We all know about debit and credit cards. But just think about electronic wallets, telephone cards, public transport cards, subscription cards, and so on.

PVC cards are often used as an element in safety policy. For example, they enable access-checking, authentification and other safety techniques.

With the further spread of chip or smart cards, we are seeing more and more new applications: the social security card, electronic voices, payments on Internet, pay-TV, etc.

It’s hard to imagine an application that a PVC card can’t be used for.

They have to be personalised. They are printed, the chip or magnetic strip has to be initialised. A photo has to be printed on them, etc. The cards must be sent out, together with a personalised letter. They are included with other personalised items in a welcome-pack.

There are hundreds of applications possible. In some cases companies or organisations even need hardware to process their PVC cards: cards, printers, mail machines, and so on.

For all these situations, applications and activities Carta+ has the appropriate supply in house:

  • Appropriate products and appropriate services.
  • Appropriate to the application.
  • Appropriate to your situation, requirements and expectations.

Carta+ has a very flexible structure, supported by people who are highly experienced and knowledgeable in this field.

No task is too small. We work with the same skill, and a sharp and continuous eye for quality, with industrial quantities as well as daily jobs.

The company’s rapid growth is wholly due to the way in which Carta+ works with its customers. Technology for and with people is our motto. Technology and machines are used for the benefit of customers and their needs, not the other way around. The way a customer wishes to use PVC cards and the requirements for this purpose are the starting-point, not the available technology, machines or available means.

So Carta+ will continuously evolve along with the requirements of its customers.

Meet the team

Michel Walravens

T : +32 (0)2/686 60 80
E : mwalravens@cartaplus.be

Marc Beukenhorst

Sales Manager ID solutions
T : +32 (0)2/686 60 82
E : mbeukenhorst@cartaplus.be

Manu Leruth - Carta+ Chief Operator

Manu Leruth

Chief Operator
T : +32 (0)2/686 60 86
E : mleruth@cartaplus.be

Myriam Meurisse


Tel. : +32 (0)2/686 60 89

E: mmeurisse@cartaplus.be

If you have any question about our products, our services or Carta+ in general, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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