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Carta+ works since his creation with worldwide identity solution supplier, Trüb (Switzerland). Here is some news from this partner:

Friday, 09 April, 2010

Known as a country in the forefront of implementing e-government solutions, Estonia has decided to launch a new generation of electronic identity cards based on a powerful Java technology platform developed by Trüb.

Trüb supplies the polycarbonate identity cards with chips and the complete range of personalization and certification services. Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) cards fulfilling the directive of the European Union are also part of the contract with Estonia. The Citizenship and Migration Board of the Republic of Estonia and Trüb have concluded on 31st March 2010 a contract for the supply of the new generation of e-ID cards for Estonian citizens.

The deal includes the complete range of personalization and certification services which are locally provided by Trüb Baltic AS in Tallinn, a member company of the Trüb Group. In addition, the supply of Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) cards for foreign residents according to the respective directive of the European Union is also subject of the contract. The new Estonian e-ID card features a PKI application embedded in the contact chip and allowing online authentication and digital signature by qualified electronic certificates. This technology enables citizens to execute a large variety of e-government and e-commerce services, and makes it possible to verify and validate the documents in electronic transfer. Additionally, the e-ID card offers the owner access to the local public transport network. Furthermore, the BRP card contains a contactless chip with special functionalities when travelling within the Schengen area. The application fulfils the most recent ICAO norms for biometric identity documents, such as a fingerprint check.

The innovative Java-based solution developed by Trüb allows coverage of the multiapplication requirements of the card in a secure and flexible way. The post-issuance functionality for applications is a precious attribute to keep the card profile always up to date. A strong cryptographic performance and sophisticated security features guarantee the highest level of data protection. The Infineon high-end dual interface crypto-controller provides a secure and future-proof hardware to this novel platform. The card material is polycarbonate and the design includes the latest security elements. The Estonian national e-ID card programme started in 2002 with Trüb as general contractor. The project is one of the most successful in the governmental segment worldwide. Beyond that, Estonia has a pioneer position in implementing cross-border interoperability. The online company registration which Estonia operates with some other EU member states is a leading solution in practical use of e-services. With its next generation e-ID cards and in line with the standards of the European Citizen Card, Estonia is ready for the execution of European egovernment services.

Information source: http://www.global-identification.com

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