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Back in 2005, Carta+ won the Public Tender to deliver the Belgian Federal Police legitimation cards.This Public Tender englobed the delivery of a full equiped internal Service-Bureau at Federal Police permises in Brussel: 3 badges printers (2 with lamination units, 1 for contacless cards encoding), server, laptops, 3 image capture studios (2 mobiles), Card Management System with numerous integrations for specific Federal Police requirements… , as well as cards shredder and plastic badges accessories.
Legitimation cards
On the occasion of the police reform, new legitimation cards had to be created. In order to protect a document efficiently, all potential types of misuse first have to be thoroughly analysed.The information gathered enable to determine against which kind of fraud the document has to be protected. Legitimation card from Belgian Police ( since 2005 )
In agreement with the “client”, a designer has determined the graphic lines of the card. For instance, the background is composed of thin and sinuous lines, straight lines or curves of different thicknesses.
The use of color transitions (iridescent patterns) and special tints complicates forgery. The use of guilloche patterns hidden by color transitions makes the document especially difficult to counterfeit.RequirementsThe design and production of the uniform legitimation car had to meet the following requirements:

  • Document easy to recognize, with a high protection degree against reproduction and falsification.
  • Bank card format.
  • Synthetic materials enabling multiple functions.
  • Clear visual distinction between the police card and the police assistant card.

Computerized personalization system, enabling mobile units to collect required personal data, including photos, from police services in the whole of Belgium.
Central printing system to print all data on the new legitimation cards and to complete the operation by laminating a holographic protection film.

Link between the existing database and the new printing system.

Iridescent patterns
Gradual color transition and special inks making the card very difficult to photocopy. ( Picture no more available)
Text that can only be read through a magnifying glass. Color photocopies make the text unreadable, one can therefore easily determine whether a card is false or not. ( Picture no more available)
Integrated identity photograph
The graphic lines partly appear on the photograph. ( Picture no more available)
UV-visible fluorescent inks
Those inks are only visible under UV-light and invisible under normal light. ( Picture no more available)
Holographic film
A thin transparent film is applied after the printing of the personal data. Thanks to holographic effects, the police symbol appears in several places. In case of falsification of the personal data, the holographic effects are visibly altered. ( Picture no more available)
Verso : Optical variable inks – dichroic inks
Ochre underlining is specific to the federal level, while light blue underlining is reserved for the local level. ( Picture no more available)
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