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ProDot 350 Matrix Printer


Designed for applications using heavy duty, mutli-copy media or for passbook printing. Also perfect for single sheet paper and form-filling applications. The Prodot range are flatbed dot matrix printers which feeds straight through the printer without curving round a platten. Flatbed printers are ideal for thicker, multi-copy stationary that can often mis-feed on ‘traditional’ platten printers.

Quick Specifications
24-pin printhead
80 column print width
Multicopy: 1 + 6 copies
Rear tractor and single-sheet front loading.
Parallel interface standard.
Media thickness adjustment
Media skew detection & connection.
Adaptability and connectivity
For adaptability and connectivity in different applications and environments, the printers are equipped with parallel and serial ports as standard. Additionally, an external Ethernet adapter can be used to network our printers.
Fast printing at up to 300 cps
Flatbed – straight paper path
Varying media sizes – from business cards to fanfold
Auto switching interface (serial and parallel)
Up to 1 + 6 copies.
Dot Matrix Printers are still probably the most economical way of printing on paper, especially for ‘journal printing’. Unlike an inkjet, you can choose when to change the ribbon. If the printing is looking a little feint, order a new ribbon for delivery in a couple of days and change it then. With an inkjet or laser, “ink out” means you cannot print anything further.


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